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Adventures on Planet Zephulor ::: A game written in Python

License: GPL

See the main game page for screenshots: http://www.hollowworks.com/apz

zephulor-source.tar.gz ::: tar/gzipd file (All python files needed to run including editors -- Python and PyGame must be separately installed) (3.2M)

zephulor.zip ::: zip file (Windows stand alone executable version -- Python, PyGame and SDL do not have to be installed) (4.4M)

MD5 (/home/mrhollow/zephulor-source.tar.gz) = 7b58274a5884ce950938bf9fdffe8e42
MD5 (/home/mrhollow/zephulor.zip) = db9a7c3dd1b8be94dfb296d6049e3b76

Adventures on Planet Zephulor was written entirely in Python, using the PyGame library.

The zip file contains a windows stand alone executable, and the tar.gz file contains the python scripts, including all of the tools written to aid in the creation of levels for the game.

The tar.gz file should work on any operating system that can un-archive it (WinZip or PowerArchiver for windows) and that supports Python and PyGame.

Feedback is appreciated. Please send email to: info@hollowworks.com with "APZ" or "Adventures" in the subject line.

Revision History:
Added credit to manual.txt for Andrew A. Meier.

Added a patch from Andrew A. Meier which includes -h and -v (help and version) command line flags. Thanks to Andrew for noticing and correcting the omission.

The art and sound work has now been released under the GPL, and a minor fix to the game has been made.
After the final level, one of the sets of monster animation was being shown, rather than the intended final image. This has been fixed.
Both file versions have been updated.

Update to .zip, now matches tar.gz.

Update to tar.gz, should use hardware video mode now.

Update to tar.gz package to include in-game score, with health bonuses for accrued points.

First release.